Life Coach Trisheana Hunter on Overcoming Obstacles with Resilience

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There are inspirational stories, and then there are inspirational stories that make you catch your breath and go, “Wow. How could anyone have survived that?” 

Trisheana Barzar Hunter has one of those stories: She’s survived multiple brain surgeries, and emerged on the other side even more determined to help others overcome their own obstacles in life and business. 

In our interview, we dove into that journey, plus the ways her life coaching business, , has been affected by the pandemic. 

The biggest takeaway? It’s more important than ever to keep in mind these words of wisdom from Trisheana:

Every mountain can be moved, if you are willing to take the first step.

Sarah: Can you tell us a little about your entrepreneurial story, and what drew you to life coaching? 

Trisheana: I have always helped others find their way and encouraged them through difficult times and circumstances. This led me to achieving my Masters Degrees in both Psychology and Industrial Organizational Psychology. Beginning in 2014, I faced some severe health challenges, which I was fortunate to overcome. I regained my normal life, for the most part. 

People began looking to me for inspiration and motivation to keep going no matter what they were going through. I realized: If I can climb the mountain, I can move it. That’s when I knew it was my calling to be a Transformational Life Coach and Emotional Intelligence Coach. I knew my purpose was to help others overcome obstacles and move mountains in their own lives. 

S: How has your life coaching business been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic? 

T: COVID-19 has definitely presented some financial business challenges. My operating expenses went up dramatically. Plus, my computer stopped working shortly after the pandemic hit—that was a huge, unexpected expense. Many of my other business expenses increased as well. 

Most of my target clients have been unable to afford my fees, due to their own financial setbacks related to the pandemic and current economic hardships. Thus, I have been working with limited financial resources to operate at an optimal level, while my business expenses exceed the amount of money my business is currently bringing in. There hasn’t been enough money to meet the increased demand for supplies, inventory, and equipment, or even to pay for much-needed services like Acuity. I’ve had limited financial resources for advertising or capital to help the business perform at its best and reach those in need of support. 

Despite all this, I have kept my focus on my clients by providing coaching sessions at a significant discount, to those that need coaching but can’t afford it. For me, it’s not about the money; it’s about helping those that need me. 

S: What are some of the most successful ways you’ve used Acuity Scheduling to run your business?

T: Acuity has been a huge help for me. 

It has helped me to implement a cancellation policy, terms and conditions for no-shows, keep my schedule, and more easily manage my clients. This has been important especially during the pandemic because I am also a mom helping my children with their online work for school. It has been a great help to be able to set up different appointment types, pricing, and take payments all in one place. It’s much easier to capture client information for future reference and follow-up. The discount code function has allowed me to tailor discounts to meet individual clients’ needs. 

Overall, Acuity has really helped me to keep my coaching business organized and on time. Acuity helps me manage my personal calendar along with my client calendar to ensure my business and my life are more organized. It has simplified keeping track of appointments and relieved me of the additional hassle and stress of having to manage client payments in different locations or platforms. 

Acuity provides a convenient service that allows me to have the majority of my business management, scheduling, and payments in one place, so I can focus my energy on my clients.  

S: You work with clients to overcome the obstacles that are getting in the way of them realizing their full potential. What’s one of the biggest obstacles that you’ve had to work to overcome in your own life? 

T: In 2014, I had to have brain surgery for the eighth time in my life. 

I ended up battling with my health for five and a half years: 2014, brain surgery; 2015, a lumpectomy for a benign mass in my right breast; 2016, two emergency brain surgeries that led to multiple infections throughout 2016 into 2017. 

Finally, due to those infections, I went into septic shock in September of 2017. I spent nine days in the ICU, had a stroke, and was on IV antibiotics for six weeks. I had several recurrent infections after that in my breast tissue, and the scarring from my brain surgery did not heal properly.  

In February 2019, I had an infection in my brain that only 30% of people with this form of infection survive. But I made it. In April, the infection in my breast tissue got much worse, leading to an open wound in my left breast, then loss of that same breast, and severely infected and damaged tissue in the right breast. This led to three very painful breast reconstruction surgeries in 2019. 

In spite of this journey, I hiked more than 200 miles in 2019. I had to overcome and push through, so I could be an example for others that they can do the same.

S: Do you have any advice you’d like to share with other Black women entrepreneurs?

T: My advice would be the same I give my clients:

Don’t try to move the entire mountain at once.

When looking at the end goal, the path to get there can be very intimidating. This leads a lot of people to give up on their goals and dreams. 

But success isn’t realized overnight. Pursuing your personal or business goals can be intimidating, especially when you are looking at the entire mountain ahead wondering how to make it move. But if you break your goals down into manageable steps, and commit to completing each of those steps, one at a time—you can conquer your fears and accomplish far more than you dreamed of. 

Just put one foot in front of the other.

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