How to Identify Areas for Improvement in Your Business


Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or a bright-eyed and bushy-tailed new business owner, fine tuning your process is so important. 

Even if you’re at the top of your game—especially if you’re at the top of your game—zooming in on where you can do better will stop you resting on your laurels. (And no one likes well-rested laurels.)

1 | Keep tabs on your finances.

This is probably the most obvious metric of success to take a look at. It should be easy to see if you’re meeting your targets—and if it isn’t, that’s a sign you need to refresh your record-keeping. 

Much like your business, your rates shouldn’t be static. Your clients are living in the real world and they’ll be expecting your rates to go up over time, so plan for that. If you’ve upped them recently, congrats! Now schedule in a time to look at raising them next year. 

Because Acuity integrates with all major payment processors, you never need to worry about chasing down clients when you’re trying to figure out your finances.

2 | Revisit your systems.

It’s tempting to think of your processes and workflows as the business itself, instead of the things that help you do business. 

That’s why so many folks find themselves working with outdated systems that might’ve served them well when they first started—but now just don’t fit right ever since they leveled up. 

The good news is that changing up the way you work is nowhere near as intimidating as it might seem. With Acuity , from intake forms to final billing, leaving you with more time do what you’re really good at:

Saving the day for your clients.

3 | Re-evaluate your goals.

It’s easy to make the mistake of seeing goal-setting as a one-and-done task, right? In reality, it’s an ongoing process that means checking in with yourself to see where you’re at, and where you’d like to go.

An untapped resource of metrics and performance know-how comes from the biggest experts on your business—your clients.

We’ve pulled together some templates for a quick feedback survey, and Acuity has, so you can follow up with your customers and find out what they thought.

Even if you don’t get perfect answers, you’ll have a clear roadmap of where to polish your process. Room for improvement is an opportunity to optimize your next shot—so it’s nothing but net. (After all, we learn a lot from “failure.”)

Ready? You’re right on time to grow your business with a free trial of Acuity.

4 | Get clear on your vision, mission, and values.

Sometimes when we hit a rut, it’s because we’ve forgotten our Why. The thing that made us start our business. The thing that gets us out of bed in the morning. The thing that underpins our entire way of working. 

It’s easy to focus on the What instead of the Why, but figuring it out is easier than you think—and means you’re less likely to drift off course. 

Think about it this way:

  • Your vision is the dream you’re turning into something physical. 

  • The mission is your roadmap for making it happen. 

  • But if those are the brains of your business, your values are the heart.

  • They’re how you want to work, how you want to be of service to the world, and how you keep your integrity intact, no matter what business throws your way.

5 | Check in on your limits.

You can’t do everything—and you don’t want to. Right now, when the world feels topsy turvy, it’s easy to overcompensate and take on more than you can comfortably manage because hey, at least you’re doing something? 

Nope. No way. 14% of you admitted to working without breaks in 2019 and that’s 14% too many. Make sure you make time in your schedule for breaks, reflection, and time away from the desk—you’ll come back fresher than ever.

(And trust us. We know it can be even harder when you’re not the only one working from home. Check out our top tips for maintaining boundaries between work and life when your home becomes the office for you, your partner, and/or a rascally roommate.

Luckily, even if you want to overschedule yourself, Acuity won’t let you. Our mean that you can control how often and how far in advance clients can make bookings or appointments, when (or if) they can cancel and reschedule, and even whether or not they can edit their intake forms.

If you’re ready to shave time off your work week, (maybe to feed that sourdough starter you’ve been ignoring since the third week of lockdown), we’ve got you covered.

6 | Call in the pros for your improvements.

You’re dang good at figuring out anything--but you shouldn’t always have to. When you want to implement change (with a little hands-on help), check out our Acuity Certified Experts.

ACEs are independent pros who:

  • Have proven that they are Acuity virtuosos.

  • Use Acuity in their own businesses.

  • Provide quality customer service.

  • Keep up-to-date on our latest features.

They work with you over the phone or through virtual meetings, providing in-depth, personalized help polishing your Acuity setup, and these specialists are certified in up to three areas:

  • Set-up Ninjas change settings and configurations to help you achieve maximum efficiency & automation status. If you love Acuity—but could use a helping hand with the logistics part—these are the folks for you.

  • Business Strategists help you figure out how to use Acuity with your business. They can also help you set up integrations connecting Acuity to apps that handle invoices, bulk email, referrals, and similar tasks. (This means extra streamlining and heaps of saved time.)

  • Technology Wizards go beyond Acuity’s settings to do development work. Call on them if you want an unusual app integration or need a bit of code for just the right look. It’s the icing on the Acuity cake.

For the record, Acuity doesn’t charge you anything to connect you to these experts, nor do we take a cut of their fees. Because they’re independent, rates are a matter between you and your ACE.

Ready to hire an ACE? We’d love to connect you.

Finished? Now it’s bragging time.

You know your business is hot stuff. (Anyone else hear that sizzling sound?) But even the top companies in the world take time to check in with themselves. In fact, that’s why they’re the top companies to begin with.

Whether you want to leverage the power of testimonials or take more time for yourself, the crew here at Acuity is standing by in your corner. 

And if you ever need to call in the pros for improvements, don’t forget about our Acuity Scheduling Certified Experts program. They’re independent pro Acuity partners who get you set up seamlessly. Our scheduler’s designed to be simple and user-friendly, but there’s always an entire crew of smart humans standing by to help you out.

Ready to level up?

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