The Best Education Scheduling Software for Pandemic Pod Learning & More

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While school kicks off during the pandemic, we have some good news for educators and administrators: You can use Acuity Scheduling to help save time and organize your hectic schedules.

Whether you’re balancing distance learning with in-class instruction, learning pods, or private tutoring, using Acuity for your education scheduling software will help take care of the busy work so you can focus on the real work: getting kids an education.

Schedule hybrid learning: in-person and online learning.

With COVID-19 still spreading, schools face the tough task of continuing education while trying to mitigate transmission. To address the challenge, many schools and childcare centers are designing a mix of in-person and online learning for their students. The goal is to make sure fewer students are in the classroom at the same time, which could help create more space for safer studies. 

But this comes with a whole host of logistical hurdles: Which students should arrive and when? When they’re not learning in the classroom, how should students structure their time at home? As a teacher, does your schedule include time to sanitize your space or configure your classroom to accommodate social distancing guidelines? 

In order to effectively communicate these new schedules to students and parents, educators need to prioritize time management even more than usual throughout the day. Using Acuity as your education scheduling software gives you control of your calendar and ensures that everyone involved has a clear view of your schedule and where they fit into it. 

Maybe you’re an administrator and need to create a staggered schedule for school pick-up and drop-off. With Acuity, you can give parents the option to sign up for different time slots, and send them automated reminders about the week’s pickup schedule. 

Maybe you’re a teacher and need to coordinate which students come to class—or learn from home—on specific days of the week. Acuity helps you orchestrate and organize complex schedules, sending customized email and text reminders to students and parents before class. 

For online or remote studies, Acuity scheduling is key to keeping everyone on track. As teacher Meg Syed notes

“The first few weeks into online learning, I had a few students in my class that never showed up to any online learning sessions. Once I started using Acuity, these students started to attend online lessons because they knew exactly when the lessons were scheduled—the reminder emails definitely helped as well!” 

—Megan Syed | Acuity Customer

Beyond text and email reminders, Acuity also has helpful integrations with video conferencing platforms like Zoom. This enables students to see their teachers—and one another—as they learn from home. 

Teachers can take advantage of this integration for parent-teacher check-ins. Using Acuity, parents can sign up for their time slot and automatically receive a calendar invite with a Zoom meeting link. 

Schedule pod learning, private tutoring, or small group instruction.

Some schools and childcare centers have opted for more individualized instruction with learning pods, private tutoring, or small group instruction. But this poses its own challenges when it comes to coordination, scheduling, and payments. 

Many learning pods take place in rotating locations to accommodate the parents’ work schedules. Week one may take place at one house, while week two will shift to another. And pod parents often have to trade off lunch duty for the students each day. It can be tricky to stay on top of all these details. 

But if you’re a teacher leading a learning pod, Acuity can help you plot out your class schedule and location, and share the details with parents. You can send out automated reminders to parents on Sunday night, outlining where the lessons will take place that week, what their kids will be learning, who’s in charge of lunch for the day, and so on. 

Additionally, pod and tutoring models often require payment collection. Acuity lets you charge parents right through the platform, so you can collect your payment without any physical contact. 

Are you a teacher, administrator, or parent looking for an education scheduling software to better organize your day as you head back to school?

, and check out this helpful guide on how to get started with stress-free scheduling.

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