6 Best Podcasts for Small Business Owners

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Small business podcasts are an incredible way to learn from your fellow small business owners about anything from finance and marketing to industry-specific trends. They offer you a glimpse into what other entrepreneurs are doing—giving you tips you can apply to your own business.  

Plus, when it comes to compelling content that’s easy to digest on your own time, podcasts are an unbeatable medium. You can listen as you drive, cook, clean, walk the dog, or even nod off to sleep. Just like the internet, with podcasts, you can learn about whatever you want, whenever is convenient for you. 

We’ve outlined our customers’ top picks for best small business podcasts. From inspiring stories and interviews to actionable tips from trusted entrepreneurs, these podcasts will have you ready to take your small business to the next level. 

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Learn how to network as an introvert, perfect your business pitch, market with limited time and budget, automate your business, and so much more. Each episode of “How She Did That” focuses on a female small business owner and highlights her valuable lessons, personal success stories, and applicable tips for you.

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This top-rated marketing podcast, hosted by Amy Porterfield, was designed to help business owners take action and make profit. Get access to Amy’s momentum-building advice, cheatsheets, and exercises to make the most of today’s top online marketing strategies.

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Ideal for freelancers, creatives, and service agencies, “BS-Free Service Business Show” to help your business stand out in the crowd and best serve your clients. From kick-starting your service to selling your vision to scaling (or not), this podcast is here to help you hone your business—without any of the business-speak BS.

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Listen to “The Life Coach School” to get the tools you need to coach yourself, feel better, and take action. This emotional podcast covers a lot of ground, which can be applied to business and life at large. Episodes range from learning to lead when you’re scared, understanding the important differences between love and people-pleasing, and how to disagree with others. If you’re looking to live your purpose with passion and integrity, this is the podcast for you.

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Don’t let the name fool you—The Massage Business Blueprint is not just for massage therapists. It’s an excellent podcast for anyone who wants to learn how to address difficult business issues more mindfully, tactfully, and successfully. Topics cover very real challenges, like how to handle questions about pregnancy, or what to do when you suspect a client is lying about their COVID-19 risk behaviors.

6 |
You may not be in the beauty biz, but Shelby Tarleton’s Lash Boss Radio covers a range of topics that are relevant to both beauty entrepreneurs and non-lash bosses alike. From diversity and inclusion in hiring, to client retention and marketing, this actionable podcast is a customer favorite for good reason.

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