10‌ ‌Most‌ ‌Effective‌ ‌Ways‌ ‌to‌‌ Promote Your‌ ‌Beauty‌ ‌Business

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Can you feel that? It’s the beauty industry shifting.

All over the world, salons are slowly beginning to reopen, and with that comes the big question: How do you regain momentum (and bookings) after the unexpected pause of quarantine?

It’s all a matter of promoting yourself and putting your talent out there.

Before you get panicky about the word “promotion,” remember that it’s just a way of strategically showcasing what you’re best at. When you’re great at what you do, the world deserves to see it. Once they see it, they can pay you for it.

With just a few quick tweaks, you can get more people in your booth, reviews for your services, and bookings on your calendar. Here’s how you make sure people are able to find (and book) you online by getting your scheduler link in their hands.

1 | Embed your scheduler wherever you have a presence online.

The easier it is for people to book their beauty appointments with you, the more likely they are to do it. By making your schedule accessible from everywhere, you’re erasing one big hurdle for your clients. (It also makes you look outrageously professional—and you don’t even have to put on a blazer.)

Putting your scheduler (or the salon’s website) is a great way to get eyes on your services, but don’t forget about the other places potential customers find you.

If you’ve ever wondered how to effectively promote your beauty business on social media, integrating your scheduler on your or is your best bet.

When you showcase pictures of your work (like that last perfect ombre), and link directly to your scheduler on social, you’re giving them a portfolio piece and an easy way to act. The more you show off the results you get for your clients, the more clients you’ll have.

Get your work out there with a free trial of Acuity. >>

2 | Make sure Google knows you exist. 

It’s no mystery that search engines are the first place people go when they’re looking for someone to tame their mane or maintain their manicure. When it comes to promoting your business locally or online, search engines need to know about your business. 

You can submit your website or to Google by using .

If search engines don’t know you exist, neither will the people who need you.

3 | Add your beauty business to Google Maps. 

Not only does a physical location increase credibility and customer trust—it lets you feature photos that show people what they can look forward to when they hire you.

Your work is so visual that you should share those gorgeous after photos far and wide. (A picture of that haircut might be worth a thousand words, but it’s also worth a lot of business!)

If your business doesn't have its own website, use your Acuity . You don’t need a big, shiny website to promote your beauty business and help boost bookings. 

Get your business on the map (literally) through .

4 | List your business on an online directory and review hub.

You can add your beauty business . While you’re at it, be sure you add your Acuity , too. (After all, we’re removing all those hurdles, remember?)

If you’re not sure how to make the ask for reviews, check out this handy dandy guide.

5 | Send your mailing list a link to your scheduling page.

Acuity makes it possible to , as well as the link to your main scheduling page. 

Since your links are shorter, branded, and easier to remember, you can integrate your custom links throughout your entire email marketing funnel—from first contact through your rebooking reminder.

Copy and paste them into your email marketing templates, put them in the footer of your email signature, or manually send them to clients.

Here are we integrate with.

6 | Bust out business cards that link to your scheduling page.

Get that online traffic, even when you meet in person. When you put your scheduling page link directly on your card, it means they don’t have to go looking for you when they’re ready to book.

Pro Tip: If you opt for to your scheduling page, keep them short and clear. It’s important the links look good in small fonts and can be easily typed into a search bar. (But we won’t tell if you’ve ever tried tapping a URL on a piece of paper as if it’s a touchscreen.)

7 | Make your voicemail greeting do the heavy lifting for you.

Your scheduling link defaults to , which is simple to remember, and even easier to say. When you add it into your outgoing voicemail greeting, clients can find a way to work with you, even when you can’t hop on a call.

All you really need to say in your voicemail?

“If you’re calling to book an appointment, you can do so easily at YourBusinessName.as.me.”

8 | Post a sign about online scheduling in your salon.

For promoting your local beauty business, it’s hard to beat a physical ad that people can see in the flesh. If your brick and mortar salon is still closed, keep clients informed with a note on the door that leads them to your booking link, so they can reserve their spot for future appointments.

Even when customers start regularly visiting your salon in person, leaving the sign posted keeps your services top of mind and encourages repeat bookings. (We like repeat bookings. Repeat bookings mean more revenue and better customer relationships.)

9 | Text your booking links to clients.

Reach your clients where they live—on their phones. A quick text with your scheduler link is one of the fastest ways to put your beauty business front and center.

Even better, Acuity’s are great for checking in with clients before their appointment, and offer an opportunity to include a scheduler page link for a service add-on or upsell prior to their appointment. (After all, who doesn’t need a deep conditioning treatment?)

10 | Encourage online bookings by offering a discount code.

As your services pivot, encourage your clients to book new appointments and packaged bundles with customizable coupon codes. You’re in full control of the discount details, from when the codes expire to how many times they can be used.

is a great way to keep your calendar full of clients—old and new—while also showing them you care during the shifting financial climate.

You’re here to make the world more beautiful.
We’re here to back you up. 

Just in case you need to hear this...you deserve to feel proud of what you’ve built. You deserve to have confidence in your craft. You deserve to promote yourself however you please, because it’s not bragging—it’s good business. 

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