How to Re-Open Your Business Safely Post-Quarantine


As the economy starts to re-open, there’s a lot being asked of small businesses. So, we get that your to-do list might be a little overwhelming right now. 

To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of key action items for you and your business that Acuity Scheduling can help you complete. 

In this article, we’ll walk through each of these items: 

  1. Prioritize loyal clients

  2. Restrict to “by appointment only”

  3. Screen clients through intake forms

  4. Schedule time for sanitization

  5. Accept vaulted card payments up front

  6. Minimize no call, no shows

  7. Maintain your virtual offerings

Acuity Scheduling is the key to checking off all of these boxes. We’re the 24/7 virtual assistant that keeps your calendar in order and makes re-opening more manageable.

We’ve got your back (from a safe 6ft+ distance, of course).

Let's get started.

1 | Prioritize loyal clients

To many of your longtime clients, not seeing you regularly for your services is one of the many things they’re missing right now while in quarantine. So, why not let them know you’ve missed them just as much? 

Reach out to your loyal longtime clients with before anybody else can. Personal gestures like that can make a big difference. It will make your clients feel special and more likely to prioritize you above other re-opening businesses that they love. 

Plus, starting with a known pool of loyal clients, rather than opening up to the public right away, will give you some more time to work out the kinks and define this new way of running your business. 

This is also the perfect time for you to set up your email notifications, specifically . With these notifications, you can request feedback from your VIP clients after their appointments. That will help you to more quickly surface any issues you’ll need to work out. Bonus: You’ll build even stronger client relationships by making your clients feel heard. 

2 | Restrict to "by appointment only"

You may have to decrease the number of appointments you’ll be able to juggle at a time. 

Acuity can solve that. 

Do you want to make sure it’s clear to clients that you won’t be accepting walk-ins and are moving to by appointment only

With your own Acuity scheduling page, clients can see your real-time availability, and self-book their own appointments only at the times you’ve made available to them. You can set up your to limit what types of services can be scheduled during certain time frames. Plus, if you have , Acuity can handle all of that with multiple calendars, too.

Get the word out to your clients: This fancy, new way of scheduling is going to make your time together run a lot more smoothly in this new normal.

3 | Screen clients through intake forms

Acuity also lets you screen clients ahead of the appointment. Attach to every appointment booked through Acuity, so clients can answer any questions you have at the point of scheduling. 

Intake forms may seem like extra friction before clients can finalize booking with you, but clients may be comforted that you’re taking their safety seriously.

4 | Schedule time for sanitization

It may be more important than ever to . 

So, how much time will you need? Make the time to figure that out for your particular situation. Before re-opening, test out any new processes, so you have a more realistic sense of how much time to set aside between appointments.

5 | Accept vaulted card payments up front

You may be thinking it’s time to with an integrated payment processor, instead of taking cash payments. (Hey, bonus: It could make counting the till a bygone memory.) 

With Acuity, you can go one step further by accepting payments totally hands-off: , so your staff and clients don’t have to exchange cards or cash at the appointment. You can help clients feel more comfortable with this new payment requirement by highlighting why you’re doing it on your scheduling page, or even in your automated confirmation emails to clients. 

, too, by accepting tips at the point of scheduling. Especially with high demand, upfront payments are part of the new normal: They’ll help everyone safely social distance, move along appointments more efficiently, and make sure you get paid even if a client’s a no-show. 

6 | Minimize no call, no shows

Some cancellations are inevitable—sometimes an employee calls in sick, sometimes a client can’t make it after all. 

But straight-up no-shows don’t need to be inevitable. With Acuity, you can encourage your clients to commit to showing up by and reminding them about appointments via . 

If some clients still don’t show? Make expectations clear to them with a cancellation policy that’s got your back, so you lose as little revenue as possible. 

Whether it’s a cancellation or a no-show, you can handle it smoothly on your administrative backend in Acuity. It’s within the hands of you or your clients to , and if you need to cancel outright, you can easily with Acuity.

7 | Maintain your virtual offerings

Have you been offering virtual services during quarantine? Just because you’re re-opening your brick-and-mortar business, doesn’t mean you need to stop offering your virtual business, too. 

, so you can keep offering virtual meetings or classes whenever possible. You can even set it up so you only offer virtual offerings and in-person offerings . It’ll help balance your schedule and limit in-store crowding.

Okay, ready for your grand re-opening? 

Acuity is here for you. We’ll help you stay organized and take the busywork out of the real work. All you have to do is show up at the right time.

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