Scheduling Client App: A Faster Way for Your Clients to Self-Schedule


Acuity’s new Scheduling Client app is here to save the day (and the next day, and the day after that). 

The new Scheduling Client app is a professional way for clients to self-schedule that makes it easier than ever to put scheduling in the hands of your clients. That frees up your time to do less of the busywork, and more of the work that made you want to start your business in the first place. 

From streamlining the self-scheduling experience, to building deeper loyalty to your brand, here’s why you’ll want your clients to download the Scheduling Client app. 

Increase your business’s footprint

Your clients are often just as busy as you are. This faster mobile touchpoint for self-scheduling makes it easier for them to find the time to book a time on your calendar. 

With the Scheduling Client app, your clients’ self-scheduling experience will feel faster and even more seamless than before. They simply need to search the app with your Scheduling link, add your business to their client account, and history will be made—their appointment history with you, that is. 

Centralized access to their appointment history helps your clients more quickly and easily reschedule current appointments, and recall which of their past appointments are the go-to services they want to book with your business again and again. Plus, once they’ve scheduled their first appointment with you through the app, their information will auto-populate for subsequent bookings, rewarding loyal clients a faster booking experience. 

Your clients’ history in the app will also give them access to any of their gift cards, subscriptions, and packages they’ve purchased from your business. This makes it easier than ever for your clients to redeem, renew, and re-purchase any of the services you offer. 

Reach and retain more clients

When clients have more control over tracking and managing their appointments with you, it helps build stronger client relationships. 

In addition to tracking their scheduling history with you, the Scheduling Client app will keep clients’ custom forms on record. That way, clients can bypass any forms they’ve already answered for past appointments, minimizing friction to complete their bookings. 

That faster, streamlined experience—paired with clear visibility into their own appointment history—can help nurture your clients’ trust in your business and support building brand loyalty.

Encourage your clients to download the new client app

Make scheduling easier for your clients with their very own client account. Send them an email or share the news on your social media: It’s time for your clients to download the Scheduling Client app, and add your business to their new client account. 

and share the download details with your clients.

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