How to Rebuild Your Dream Business during the Pandemic

how to rebuild your business

Early pandemic quarantine was a time of pause. Pause on our social lives, pause on travel, and unfortunately, a pause on business for many of us. 

Many of the business owners most impacted were those who run hands-on small businesses like salons, massage therapists, and fitness studios. And many of those hands-on businesses are still feeling the impact of a social-distanced world these days. 

In a recent webinar, Acuity’s Head of Growth Tyler Huggins sat down with Allissa Haines and Michael Reynolds of, an online learning center and resource for massage therapists. The three of them discussed how wellness businesses and all small business owners can take this time as an opportunity to rebuild their dream business. 

We’ve outlined three of the top takeaways discussed in the webinar. For more practical advice on everything from bookkeeping, to optimizing your website, to rethinking your pricing strategy, check out the full discussion. 


Takeaway #1 | Reopen with your happiness in mind 

Alissa recommends that the first step to a successful reopening should be to take stock of what you loved—and didn’t love—about your business before the pandemic. 

What types of clients did you really enjoy working with? Was your schedule jam-packed back-to-back, or did you have enough time to breathe between clients? Was your website converting customers as you wanted? Was your logo lacking a little oomph? 

Her helpful framework will get your wheels turning and help you redesign a business around the criteria that actually makes you happy—not what drags you down. 

Takeaway #2 | Update your tech tools

A lot of small business owners rush to get their site live. (Hey, it’s an exciting time!) But once you’re up and running, it can be hard to find time to make updates or optimize. Maybe you didn’t examine your conversion flow or metrics. Maybe you put off integrating an online scheduling tool because you just didn’t have time to experiment with one. 

While your schedule has a bit more air to breathe, Michael suggests using this time to update your tech suite. Make optimizations to your website or switch over to a new scheduling software without the fear of site downtime or technical glitches. 

Luckily, getting started with Acuity Scheduling is quick and easy. Plus, we offer a free, low-risk trial for you to get started today! 

Takeaway #3 | When in doubt, focus on a niche 

When thinking about ways to redesign your dream business, Michael is a huge fan of segmenting your audiences and focusing on a tighter target market—or “niching.” Doing so and positioning yourself a specialist can actually help your bottom line when you reopen.

Another way to approach “niching” is to keep a wide target audience, but highlight a unique service or perspective to set you apart from your competitors. 

Maybe you're a salon owner and you see all types of clients, but you really specialize in color or extensions as a service. Or maybe your philosophy as a massage therapist is more nuanced than your fellow therapists. Michael suggests that keeping your audience and client-base diverse, but leaning into the unique perspective you bring to your industry, can actually help give you a competitive advantage. 

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